350 billion dollars agreement for weapons sales signed Trump in Saudi Arabia?

Well done!


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  1. jaageet

    People will die.

    May 21, 2017
    1. nico44l

      Well, people wil die one way or another so that’s nothing new actually.

      May 21, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    Well done indeed…

    May 21, 2017
  3. magnocrat

    Perhaps he might make a similar deal in Iran.
    Then they could fight it out people will die but I hope to survive.

    May 21, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Don’t just hope to survive when people fight. I have a sailboat in a riverine marina 30 minutes away from Singapore. Cathay Pacific flies me out when people fight.

      May 22, 2017
  4. magnocrat

    I also hope you survive ; your mobility may be a great asset but in the long run we all lean on each other. With no soldiers the General is a helpless figure.
    At this moment there is much boastful talk in the UK about walking away from Brexit negotiations. Pride comes before a fall.

    May 22, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Theoretically, you are correct: we all lean on each other. Personally, autonomy is a practicable reality. I have no social ties, no cultural attachment, and more free than a bird that must adhere to migratory patterns. Unless there is a global financial collapse, money takes me wherever I want to go. This is not wishful thinking but a thought-out way of life I have put into practice ten years ago when I stepped off the conveyor belt of conventional life.

      May 22, 2017
  5. magnocrat

    You are living proof of the freedom that money can give if you use it and it does not use you.
    How do you manage human relations? Does wealth get in the way at times?Do you have hangers on as celebrities often do?Are you tempted by alcohol or drugs to compromise your humanity? Money gives lots of scope for excitement but do you think it also opens up dangers.

    May 23, 2017
    1. jaageet

      You ask intelligent questions that demand truthful responses. For navigating through this dangerous reality that we have created for ourselves, two things are vital: physical health and money. If I have one wish, I would wish never to have existed. I want nothing this life has to offer regardless of how many of its pleasures I have taken without having to pay the price. Wealth never gets in the way provided it comes fortuitously (from God so to speak) and never through pursuit (of gifts from the Devil, figuratively speaking). The self is an illusion (to me, this is a fact); consequently, human relations are illusory. The need to love and be loved is a human condition that breeds misery ranging from a broken heart to full-blown wars that have littered the human landscape with corpses since forever. How could Hell be anywhere else and any worse than right here? With this in mind, I socialize and enjoy very much conversing with you and other folks here in cyberspace as well as out there in “the real world” with no strings attached – here today, gone tomorrow like passing ships. People are like fruits of nature to be enjoyed. Why cling to a particular apple when there are millions everywhere ripening all the time for plucking from a tree or picking up at the store all over the planet? Are people any different from impersonal apples? It is so sad watching a child, crying in a crowd of unfamiliar faces, looking for its mother. I am never lost in a world where no human face needs to be familiar before I can have a great time partying. What else did you ask about that I did not cover yet? Oh, alcohol. I have never taken any drugs even though I was lead guitarist in a rock band in college. Beers, yes. No way to avoid that in Scotland; especially, on a Friday night. I now live half the time in Asia where alcohol is never touched as it is not part of my lifestyle there. Back in the west, I do imbibe going along with the cultural flow – a couple glasses of wine at dinner; a whiskey once a week, before dinner, only on Friday or Saturday when I also have a snifter of cognac with chocolates. Working out in my gym four times a week keeps me on the lookout for any effect of alcohol on my fitness level. A consistent feeling of all-round well-being tells me tells me that “I am protected”. If I go to sleep tonight and not rise tomorrow, that’s fine. If not, then I want to commit my spirit into God’s hands and breathe my last before I am 75. Old age is a bummer; especially here in a hell of a paradise.

      May 23, 2017
  6. magnocrat

    You wish you had never been born , my mind shot straight to The Mayor of Casterbridge Hardy’s great novel of a mans decline and failure. Perhaps you have an impending sense of doom knowing that life cannot last. I sometimes wonder if gyms are an attempt to halt decay , to maintain eternal youth. The need to belong and be loved breeds misery ; it is true that a share of misery belongs to us all but with it comes a share of joy.
    You are not protected nothing can protect us we have to face life as it deals a hand to us.

    May 26, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Henchard was a loser to whom you associate me. Why? Just because I wish I had never been born doesn’t mean I – personally – find life unfulfilling. Henchard never got off the treadmill of conventional life which did him in. I, on the other hand, did conventional life in. I know of no relationship hurt because I am content living alone with no need of family, friends or community (tribe). Yet, I am never in want of company that I enjoy. Just as I see Hell as here and now, I see Heaven the same way also. Wherever I go, I live in luxury amidst poverty. Even here in cyberspace, there are folks ensnared in the misery of relationship, mental illness and physical malady of which I am free. Have you ever climbed on a beautiful horse at the crack of dawn, touched its amazingly soft velvety skin, and shared its anticipation of bursts of freedom on the track around a polo field? Or taken in the green magic of an immaculately landscaped fairway as you teed up for a round of golf in a private club? Those occasions, for me, are pockets of paradise in hell. The divide between me and human pain gets worse in Asia. I do not relish my good fortune the way you do your joy of family happiness; not when I get to eat while others starve. This is one of the two reasons why I wish not to live. The other is enchainment to the body that I must serve – to feed and clothe and house – till death do us part. Until then, I have to work out to keep it fit. Living in a body is like flying in an airplane that is always in the air and never gets to land. That is why the body has to be kept in tip-top condition. It’s not about longevity. It’s about dignity, self-reliance and not being a coward. I don’t believe in health insurance, medical intervention, medicines, walking sticks, or a loving wife. A life that is lived intelligently belongs to he who learns to master destiny, so as to avoid being a victim of circumstances that have to be faced.

      May 27, 2017
  7. magnocrat

    Ah Invictus ’ I am the master of my fate.
    I am the captain of my soul’
    The poem fits you perfectly.
    It seems to me you are under pressure inspite of many advantages just as William Henley felt he was. Mind you he produced a masterpiece which blots out all else he penned.
    Henchard sold his wife and lost his child but became mayor climbing to the pinnacle of wealth and prosperity. You and I know everything must fall apart , nothing lasts .
    By the way I have a walking stick and it proves useful in these days of decline.
    Years ago my wife owned a horse but we had to pay for food and stabling. We lived near national trust land where she used to go riding
    As for facing circumstances who can escape that? Even the drug addict has to come down

    May 28, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Invictus does not fit me at all. Apparently, we have only one thing in common: the English language. Its use, by me, invokes two literatures: one yours and the other mine. What pressure could I be under, I wonder. William Ernest Henley was a stubborn mule who extolled the British spirit of endurance – the kind that drove the six hundred into the Valley of Death. I, on the other hand, would run at the first sign of adversity. Nothing is worth dying for. I would not defend the lives of a million men at the cost of losing even my little finger. Henley was enamored of the Christian value of an indomitable spirit driven by blind faith. Such a moral is essential for enabling fools in facing adversity: from getting mauled by lions in the Coliseum to filling the graveyard at the Battle of the Somme – the glorious dead. Anyway, why do you have a walking stick? What ails you? Prince Philip is 95 and just stepped down from official duties while Queen Elizabeth II, at 91, is still ruling, without a walking stick, as monarch of her realms. Good to know that your wife likes riding. I got into this hobby by chance – to save a racehorse from destruction. It wasn’t winning races, it’s owner told me.

      May 30, 2017
  8. magnocrat

    My left knee is glad of some support as my joints wear out , strange to think I used to walk twenty five miles every weekend as young blood. The Queen has excellent health and may well see one hundred like her mother. The Duke likewise is blest with sound health.
    My father died at eighty two with a heart attack I’m hoping to beat him by a year or two but make no promises.
    You have the indomitable spirit you dislike in Mr Henley it simply takes a different route.
    Horse racing is big money and has little to do with horses just like greyhound racing.
    I often chat to people walking rescued greyhounds the racing fraternity throw them out when they are past their sell by date.
    I learnt the noble six hundred at school it was all the rage and our hearts burned with patriotic fervour. It was much later I came across the great anti war poets like Wilfred Owen ’ Was it for this the clay grew tall?’
    They turned my world upsidedown. Around this time a drunken friend introduced me to the Omar Khayyam which he carried around in his pocket.
    ’ The paths of glory lead but to the grave ’

    May 31, 2017
    1. jaageet

      25 miles was probably why your knees are wrecked. I love jogging but have moved to the stationary bike to avoid high-impact joint stress. I am not trying to live long, just stay fit for a painless death. You are too well-read for a milkman. I also am too reflective for a life as an engineer. I knew it was time to go one fine day when my boss walked into my office while I was consulting the I Ching instead of pouring over construction blueprints. Even horse-riding has nothing to do with love of horses which would rather roam free in the wild than be imprisoned in their stalls waiting for their daily grind at dressage or jumping. Imagine horses ridden into battle. We do deserve to burn in Hell. A schoolgirl was infatuated with my horse which seemed to like her. “If you want him, he is yours,” I said. And that was that.

      May 31, 2017
  9. magnocrat

    You are right about horses and any animal. Perhaps the only animal that enjoys domestication is the dog. The latest theory is that the dog domesticated itself by hanging around the fires of ancient cave dwellers.
    In those days men fought on horseback and at close range ; the pure brute Genghis Khan had thousands of horsed warriors. Race horses have been bred for the purpose they are quite frail long- legged beasts. Men have always sort to alter animals and plants to suit their purposes . Charles Darwin in his origin of species talks at impossible length about the breeding of pigeons and just how different they can be. You will not be able to prevent long life only suicide can intervene , but then why should we not suffer the decline if we enjoyed the rise to maturity? Perhaps some men cannot bear to watch a football match rather than play, but often the mind latches onto new joys as the old become physically unattainable.
    Summertime a time for us to sit overlooking the wild overgrown fields that back onto our bungalow. How high the parsley has grown, buzzing with bees and insects , tall grasses of every type and texture untouched by the whirling mower. Occasionally we see a sparrow hawk hovering to drop like a stone on an in suspecting shrew. A brutal killing machine doing what it has to do , what it was born to do.

    June 01, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Are humans killing machines also? Unlike the hawk, the killing we do is not driven only by hunger. For the hawk, the compulsion of the hunt is as strong as the force of rage that consumes the man that kills in anger. No blame. It’s good to be able to sit and reflect in the company of wild fields and buzzing insects.

      June 06, 2017
  10. magnocrat

    You remind me of the great Walt Whitman who said of animals:
    ’ They do not sweat and whine about their condition. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. They do not make me sick discussing their duty too God.’
    A step into this wild paradise soon reveals the purple wild spotted orchid , holding its own in the battle for existence. Everywhere are the clinging tendrils of sticky willy ; how the chickens love it , we roll it into balls and feed them. It is the bane of ordered gardeners , regimentalists who cannot bear wild nature.
    No many humans have soft hearts but the ISIS
    zombis have had their consciences destroyed and have been turned into killing machines.

    June 07, 2017
    1. This comment has been deleted
    2. jaageet

      And your musings on nature remind me of J. Krishnamurti (of Brockwood Park, Hampshire). Terror killings were not part of life in my childhood years when Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Now that mom sees him as an egg cunt, consciences come not from guardian angels but are streamed in on smart phones and TVs. The only refuge we have is Nature. How many chickens do you grow? It’s a wrench to put those buggers in the pot after they have become companionable “people” in your life. I wonder if the wild fields would even come alive yielding “friends” to commune with if we looked for them at a slower pace of living. Krishnamurti said he could feel the presence of a tree and listen to the sound it makes when everything is absolutely still, without a breeze, and not a leaf is moving.

      June 07, 2017
  11. magnocrat

    We eat chicken but cannot bring ourselves to kill our own poor birds , so they live there time out into old age, some getting to seven years. The bodies are put in the field for the fox but that does not stop Mr fox trying to raid our stock. He killed three in cold blood last year but he must live just like us. On the farms they kill off the chickens at two years when egg laying slows and profit falls. They have a new way of profiting now they sell the two year old hens to animal rescue who sell them on to private owners.
    I had not heard of Krishnamurti and his quest for enlightenment. I think Nature is more of a lesson than a refuge, being bloody and brutal it helps us to accept that part of our nature we find distasteful. We see our stark origin and we blame ourselves less for our history of bloodshed. Of course modern religion rejects tooth and claw and sees humanity in turn the other cheek terms.
    We walked in The Bishops Garden of the Cathedral of Chichester on Sunday ; they were wealthy those old Bishops. It was good to see the old redwood trees and the amazing cedars and of course a blaze of flowers. The monster cathedral dwarfs all the surrounding buildings.

    June 08, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Do you think there is such a thing as enlightenment? The world we inhabit seems to be populated by other animals, plants and filled with things. But what we perceive surely is real only to ourselves. I wonder what the world is as perceived by the housefly with its compound eyes, or to the earthworm with no eyes. And what is the universe to the fish that never leaves its watery domain? The level of consciousness is different for each life-form. So, what is objective reality? Is there such a state at all – let alone enlightenment – for the human being? And where is the theoretical physicist going with his guess at the origin of life itself?

      June 11, 2017
  12. magnocrat

    You are asking the age old question is it true the old saying: ’ Its all in the mind? ’If it is then enlightenment is totally possible because the mind makes its own rules and its own world.
    I do not believe this, but your estimation of levels of consciousness is accurate. There are those who argue that self- consciousness or meta – consciousness is inevitable as we climb the tree of life. They say that it was essential for moral awareness and religious thought. Some go a step further and say it was a survival mechanism promoting the harmony of large groups.
    Beneath this moral awareness lies our older animalistic nature , creating the tension between the self and others.
    The theoretical physicist knows nothing of this he is the link- merchant he has shown us that water is the union of hydrogen and oxygen. If he is a true physicist he will make no comment on his findings but just present them to us. Nearly all physicists cannot resist moral comment after all they are moral beings like it or not.
    There is another very disquieting factor in all this : the universe is amoral , so morality has been natured by immorality, not an easy pipe to smoke.

    June 11, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Why do you say that the universe is amoral? There is a tremendous sense of order in Nature. Consider the maternal instinct in female animals (e.g. the hen is devoted mother to her chicks), the dynamic balance of the ecosystem (which is superior by far compared to human societies), and the cyclic stability of the cosmos (upon which our sanity is founded). Is there any order – either inwardly or outwardly – in us at all?

      June 13, 2017
  13. magnocrat

    Nature shows no preference for the good , the bad or the ugly , volcanoes kill them all . Greedy opportunists are not cut down in their prime but some of the kindest moral examples to us all die of cancer. In the development of the unique manifestation of nature called life we see moral stirrings as you mention the mothers devotion. Some cynics would say this is merely survival and we cannot prove otherwise. I have heard it suggested that Christianity is a survival cult invented by the weak and helpless.
    Of course the stability of the cosmos goes without saying otherwise we could not exist.
    If , as I believe , you are looking for a morally ordered world then there is no order like that in us. The reason is we are not totally moral because we have come from an amoral universe.

    June 13, 2017
    1. jaageet

      You did say that the dog does well as a domesticated animal. It, by nature, makes a better friend than any human I know. It is loyal, affectionate, immensely patient, ever-forgiving. How is that for morality? I have seen that moral character in other animals also – the horse, even other farm animals like the cow. There are people who swore by their relationships with pigs and goats, etc. I wonder what Jane Goodall discovered in chimps. It can’t be bad if she devoted her life to those apes. Perhaps, you are willing to explore this question of morality further if it is interesting enough to you.

      June 13, 2017
  14. magnocrat

    Do not misread the dog they are the bane of milkmen , we hear the doting owner say ’ he would not hurt a fly then we get bitten. The dog guards its territory fiercely.
    I had a whippet many years ago and one day while walking in a quiet forest it ran at high speed and grabbed a squirrel as it fled in fear up a tree. It was dead in seconds , and yet a more loving gentle dog I never knew. The dog has no morals it is domesticated into the tribe of man. It feels no sorrow and will kill without thought. Dogs often copulate in the street they have no shame or self- awareness, some humans put trousers on dogs because the sight of the genitals upsets their sensitive nature. Chimps can be dangerous they will go for the eyes to poke them out they are not recommended as safe pets.
    It may be true that morality started in this tribal way but it only really developed when hominiods became self – aware. Julian Jaynes believes this did not happen until about 3000 years ago and he suggested that before that time we had bicameral minds. We heard voices in our heads and obeyed them. Most reject the Jaynes theory Richard Dawkins is highly critical of it.

    June 14, 2017
    1. jaageet

      Canine nature is what it is: aggressiveness towards strangers, as you observed, and a wonderful companion to family, as many will vouch. Fire can be deadly too; and yet, it enables us to live well. We cannot survive without water that can snuff the life out of those who cannot swim in it. Thus, good and bad go together. A sense of shame and empathy seems to be your criteria concerning the distinction between right and wrong. An earthquake has no empathy. And like a tsunami, it kills and destroys without mercy. Shame is a non-existent feeling alien to other animals that are not like us. We defecate and fornicate in hiding. Why? I wish I am at your bungalow overlooking the wild fields to talk this over. Would your wife be cross? Or would she serve us cider and leave us to chew the cud and muse like two wise men?

      June 16, 2017