Coldplay / This site is far better than thinkr is or will ever be.

The first site that was awesome and practically perfect was, with blogs, forums, play and flirt game, chatrooms, you name it it had it. But they fucked it up with the webcams and eventually it went titanic.

This place had potentials but Admin fucked it up as well and now just so not to feel bad about it, you know it goes down to teh one love thinking, he made the Thinkr in just some minutes and there you go, have a playground to blog.

Blogster is the best choice for now, though it doesn't seem it will last long either, mamacat and Rica and that tech guy holds it in place and so it's breads are few.

We live in a World of low quality and high quantity under low quality.

Though it practically the fault of all members here that didn't ask from Admin to give them their platform under a new name and all together to pay the costs and moderate it by their own.

So when you expect everything to be done by others and not yourself... then don't expect any significant change to the best to happen.

So keep on blogging like sheeps and enjoy your misery life.




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